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THD® Bandy: features and advantages

The THD® Bandy ligator consists of a rubber band ligator and a band loader.

With THD® Bandy the traditional procedure of rubber band ligation of haemorrhoids, supported by consolidated clinical evidence, becomes more comfortable and effective thanks to the following features:

  • single-use device
  • suction band ligator made of transparent plastic material
  • suitable for use with self-illuminated ergonomic anoscope with integrated LED light


The features of THD® Bandy are associated with important advantages in daily clinical practice:

  • the totally disposable device eliminates sterilisation times and costs and the risk of cross-contamination.
  • the device allows performing multiple consecutive ligatures with the possibility of treating a greater number of patients during a standard day-hospital clinic.
  • the transparent plastic material allows direct visualisation of the haemorrhoidal tissue and complete control over the quantity of tissue aspirated.
  • the use of a suction unit instead of pincers makes the procedure more comfortable for the surgeon, at the same time reducing possible intra-operative bleeding and possible pain for the patient after surgery.
  • thanks to the suction ligator, the surgeon has a free hand to position the anoscope at the optimal visual angle, without the need for external assistance.
  • thanks to the innovative band positioner and loader, the surgeon can position the rubber band with one hand without the need for an assistant.
  • the use of the device in combination with a self-illuminated anoscope with integrated LED light eliminates the need for external light sources and offers optimal viewing and illumination of the treated area.
  • the self-illuminated anoscope with integrated LED light THD® N-Ano Maxi LED has an ergonomic shape specifically designed for use with the rubber band release system in order to guarantee maximum ease of use and comfort for the surgeon.
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