THD training for healthcare professionals - THDLAB - COM

THD has always aimed to support clinicians with the daily challenges they face in within their profession, as such we provide training and advanced medical education for the diagnosis and treatment of the main proctological diseases.

The different training modules allow THD to maintain a constant connection with Health Specialists and to understand and respond to the needs of daily medical practice.

For THD, direct training of specialists is critical to effective outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Comprehensive training delivered by highly qualified trainers gives specialists the peace of mind to operate safely while enhancing their professionalism and medical expertise.

For this reason, THD invests in the development of different clinical education content in close collaboration with experienced specialists to produce the range of courses shown.

The courses offered by THD are divided into:

  • Basic Course - Webinar

  • Advanced Course - Live

Below are the range of training courses developed by THD for the training of medical personnel: