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CO2 laser ablation system for the treatment of precancerous anal lesions

THD® Laser Station is a CO2 laser ablation system that emits a coherent beam of light at a wavelength of 10.6 micrometres, strongly absorbed by water, and therefore by human tissue.

This feature makes the THD® Laser Station suitable for numerous applications in the proctological field with various operating modes (continuous wave, pulsed and superpulsed).

THD® Laser Station, coupled with the patented disposable THD® Light-Scope HRA Laser handpiece, focusses the light beam inside the surgical anoscope to intervene in the diagnosis and treatment of precancerous lesions induced by HPV.

Thanks to THD® Laser Station, anal condylomas and other precancerous anal lesions can be removed during high-resolution anoscopy (HRA) with high precision and minimal patient discomfort.

High-resolution anoscopy (HRA) performed with the THD® HRStation allows for the accurate identification and visualisation of lesions, while the THD® Laser Station enables them to be removed easily and safely with the aid of the latest-generation THD® Light-Scope HRA Laser proctoscope.

THD® Light-Scope HRA Laser benefits from:

  • an atraumatic profile for maximum patient comfort.
  • large side windows to perform biopsies and treatments with ease.
  • 4K camera compatibility to magnify the view up to 58X during the examination, providing optimal visibility of the area being inspected.
  • an integrated LED light to eliminate the need for external light sources.
  • compatibility with a high-efficiency fume extraction system for the removal of surgical fumes generated during ablation, thus improving operators’ safety.
  • a laterally removable curved atraumatic introducer that keeps the camera always connected to the anoscope, thus avoiding interrupting the examination.
  • a CO2 Laser tip for focussing the light beam inside the surgical anoscope with an eyelet for maximum surgical precision and to reduce the risk of complications.

The compact and manoeuvrable design of the THD® Laser Station makes it suitable for both the operating theatre and the outpatient clinic. Its versatility of use combined with its intuitive graphics, touch screen interface and control system, that ensures high precision in the value of energy supplied, make THD® Laser Station the ideal and complete tool for the minimally invasive treatment of precancerous anal lesions.

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