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The HRA Advanced Course is dedicated to the in-depth study of high resolution anoscopy for the screening of anal dysplasia and the early diagnosis of precancerous lesions as well as to the latest technological advances to perform HRA procedures.

The course consists of two training modules led by different trainers under the coordination of the Tutor and Scientific Director of the Course.

The theory module will focus on epidemiology, incidence and HPV-induced carcinogenesis. During this part of the course, the anatomo-pathological criteria of pre-cancerous lesions, scientific evidence as well as the screening models will be also presented. On the same day, the equipment and the technique to perform High Resolution Anoscopy together with role of laser in the treatment of pre-cancerous diseases will be illustrated.

The practical module will take place on the second day of the course, starting with 3 Live Surgeries from the Operating Room of the Molinette Hospital involving patients suffering from H-SIL.

The equipment used will be the innovative THD modular platforms that allows multiple anorectal examinations and electrosurgical treatments to be performed. By means of THD integrated platforms it is possible to record high resolution videos and images of the anal canal as well as to treat AIN lesions in a safe and quick way.

The course is addressed to healthcare professionals who are already using it and want to learn more about the advantages of the THD integrated solutions for High-Resolution Anoscopy and minimally-invasive laser treatment.



The course will be delivered live at the Molinette Hospital and will have a limited number of participants, so that everyone can participate with direct questions to the trainers.

The course programme is organised as follows:


  • Epidemiology, incidence and HPV-induced carcinogenesis
  • Anatomical pathological criteria of anal pre-cancerous lesions
  • Scientific evidence for pre-cancer screening and screening models
  • HRA procedure: equipment and technique
  • Video and identification of lesions
  • Treatment of pre-cancerous diseases: the laser role in treatment of pre-cancerous lesions


  • Live surgeries
  • Report on conservative treatment
  • Report on surgical treatment
  • Report on the treatment of infiltrating neoplasia e surgery
  • Report on the role of vaccination
  • Q&A and conclusions

Scientific Director:

The course tutor is Dr. Massimiliano Mistrangelo, M.D., PhD, Head of the Coloproctology and Stoma Therapy Clinic and Consultant Colorectal Surgeon at the Department of Digestive and Colorectal Surgery, Minimally Invasive Surgery Hospital Unit, University of Turin, San Giovanni Battista Molinette Hospital| A.O.U. Città della Salute e della Scienza di Torino.

Dr. Mistrangelo can boast many years of training and professional experience in the field of Coloproctology and is one of the leading experts in Italy on HPV and on High Resolution Anoscopy.

In 2000 he achieved the Specialization in General Surgery, graduating with honors, with a thesis dedicated to Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery (TEM) in the treatment of extraperitoneal rectal neoplasms. During the years of his specialization, he focused in particular on colorectal-anal surgery and obesity surgery.

In 2003 he achieved a PhD degree in Radio-immunization of Human Tumors with a thesis on the Role of the Sentinel Lymph Node in Anal Tumors. Between 2005 and 2008 he obtained the II Level Master degree in Colorectal Surgery and the II Level Master degree in Surgical Oncology with honors at the University of Turin.

He is also author of several scientific papers, reviewer of prominent national and international journals and a member of the Editorial Board of Techniques in Coloproctology.


The dates of the Advanced Courses:

In the following calendar with a simple click you will be able to check the details of the course (date, time and places still available) and submit a "Request to participate in the advanced course". Once you have completed the request, you will be contacted as soon as possible by the training secretariat.

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