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  • THD® Surgy: features and advantages
  • THD® Surgy LED Line: the latest generation of self-illuminating surgical anoscopes
  • THD® Surgy Mini LED: dimensions
  • THD® Surgy Maxi LED: dimensions

THD® Surgy: indications

THD® Surgy Mini and THD® Surgy Maxi are sterile surgical anoscopes indicated for numerous proctological procedures. THD® Surgy Maxi is ideal for performing proctological procedures in both day hospital and surgical settings. THD® Surgy Mini offers the same advantages and applications as THD® Surgy Maxi with smaller dimensions to allow for an easier introduction of the device.


THD® Surgy: features and advantages

In the field of anorectal surgery readily available, disposable surgical anoscopes are particularly useful when the simultaneous or consecutive procedures performed exceed the number of devices available.

THD® Surgy Mini and THD® Surgy Maxi are single-use surgical anoscopes specially designed for the proctologist surgeon and for the general surgeon who performs anorectal surgeries. These devices facilitate the evaluation and treatment of numerous proctological disorders, thanks to their specific characteristics:

  • Wide side opening:
    • better dilation of the anal canal for easy access to the area of intervention.
    • optimal viewing and lighting of the anal canal and of the operating field.
  • Ergonomic and atraumatic design:
    • easy access to the anal cavity by gradual retraction of the mucosa.
    • no distension or lateral trauma of the sphincters with consequent greater comfort for the patient.
  • Medical grade transparent ABS polycarbonate:
    • optimal visibility and improved lighting for greater control during the procedure.
    • greater safety: no risk of burn caused by accidental contact between the electric cauterizers and the traditional metal blades.
  • Asymmetrical design:
    • the anal canal is dilated laterally avoiding prolapse of the mucosa in the dilator opening for an improved visibility of the area of intervention.
  • Fully disposable and single-use:
    • maximum safety and elimination of cross-contamination risks.
    • extremely practical: no need to replace damaged or missing components.
  • Sterile and ready to use:
    • cost effective thanks to the elimination of sterilisation costs.
    • reduction of operating times and related costs.
    • greater number of interventions.
  • Available in two different sizes: Mini and Maxi
    • versatility of use
    • THD® Surgy Mini: suitable for patients with sphincter hypertonia or anal stenosis.

THD® Surgy LED Line: the latest generation of self-illuminating surgical anoscopes

Anorectal surgical procedures are often performed with insufficient or inadequate lighting. In the field of anorectal surgery, lighting systems have made limited progress, focusing mainly on shadowless surgical or frontal lamps.

Reusable optical fibre instruments are expensive and inconvenient to use, requiring the use of additional light sources and electrical cables during surgery. These instruments also require careful cleaning and sterilisation after each operation to avoid the risk of cross-contamination.

To enable healthcare professionals to overcome these obstacles, THD has developed exclusive single-use anal dilators with integrated lighting source: THD® Surgy LED Mini and THD® Surgy LED Maxi.

THD® Surgy LED anoscopes offer optimal and targeted illumination to the procedural area, without the blind spots and annoying light refractions associated with metal retractors. THD® Surgy LED surgical anoscopes allow the surgeon to perform multiple diagnostic and surgical procedures without inconvenient optical fibre cables and additional light sources.

Both as a back-up solution and as an integral part of the various anorectal procedures, the THD® Surgy LED line allows the surgeon to carry out anal canal inspections and operations more quickly and accurately.


THD® Surgy Mini LED: dimensions

STERILE 122 mm 23x85 mm
NON STERILE 122 mm 23x85 mm

THD® Surgy Maxi LED: dimensions

STERILE 122 mm 28x85 mm
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