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  • Intimate hygiene and anorectal diseases
  • THD Deliclin® Soap: indications
  • THD Deliclin® Soap: composition and properties

Intimate hygiene and anorectal diseases

Perianal intimate hygiene with the help of specific products is essential in the presence of anorectal diseases such as haemorrhoids, anal fissures, faecal incontinence and diarrhoea.

In the case of anorectal pathologies or during the pre- or post-operative period of proctologic surgery, accurate cleansing of the perianal region allows to reduce the symptoms and the risk of infections.

The ideal product must cleanse, disinfect and moisturise the treated area, ensuring complete cleansing, without drying or irritating the skin.

In the presence of anorectal disorders, it is therefore important to use a soothing and moisturising intimate detergent with an anti-bacterial action and physiological pH.


THD Deliclin® Soap: indications

Thanks to its formulation, THD Deliclin® Soap is indicated to gently cleanse the perianal area even in the case of haemorrhoids, anal fissures or irritation of the external anal tissue.

The antibacterial action of THD Deliclin® Soap also makes it particularly suitable for perianal hygiene in case of diarrhoea or faecal incontinence.


THD Deliclin® Soap: composition and properties

The soothing intimate detergent THD Deliclin® Soap cleanses, disinfects, moisturises the skin of the perianal region, thanks to the association of:

  • sodium usnate with antibacterial properties
  • Witch Hazel distilled water with soothing, moisturising and emollient properties
  • Skinasensyl® with soothing and anti-itch properties

Thanks to the synergy of its ingredients, THD Deliclin® Soap is useful for perianal intimate hygiene in the presence of anorectal disorders and of irritations of the external anal tissue.

THD Deliclin® Soap is also:

  • nickel tested
  • with physiological pH
  • with antibacterial ingredients

THD Deliclin® Soap is sold in a 200 ml bottle and can be purchased in all pharmacies and drug stores.

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