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“Clinical Ano-rectal Manometry” is an online course dedicated to the in-depth study of the examination used for the precise assessment of the functionality of the anal sphincters and rectum.

In the course, the basic steps of this examination are reiterated, namely the pressure during evacuation, at rest or during contraction, and those necessary for the correct measurement of rectal sensitivity.

The diagnostic assessment will take place through the use of THD® Anopress, THD's portable pressure gauge with dedicated software and specially developed disposable probes.

The course is aimed both at those who want to gain an understanding of this examination and those who are already practising it and want to learn more about the standardisation THD® Anopress brings to this field.



The course will be delivered by the teachers via the Zoom platform and will have a limited number of participants, so that everyone can participate with direct questions to the tutors.

The programme is organised as follows:

  • Points of interest in Pathophysiology
  • Fundamentals and evolution of Clinical Ano-rectal Manometry
  • THD® Anopress
  • Execution and interpretation of manometric data
  • Live Q&A


The course tutors are, alternately, Prof. Emanuel Cavazzoni and Mr Alex Leo.

Prof. Emanuel Cavazzoni got his medical degree in 1998 and has been a specialist in General Surgery since 2004.

He is currently a specialist in General Surgery, Coloproctology and Pelvic Floor Surgery at the Policlinico San Donato IRCSS in Milan and at the Istituto di Cura Porta Sole in Perugia, while since 2009 he has been Research Professor in General Surgery at the University of Perugia, Department of Surgery, section of Digestive System Diseases.

Prof. Cavazzoni boasts an educational and professional experience in the field of Coloproctology both in Italy and abroad, having been licensed to practice medicine and surgery in many European countries, England, and the Middle East, and having published numerous scientific articles in the most prestigious international journals.

He is also a member of many scientific societies (SIC, SICCR, IANS, SPIGC) and professor of General Surgery at the University of Perugia.

Mr Alex Leo is a consultant general and colorectal surgeon at Northwick Park & St Mark’s Hospital.

He graduated at the University of Perugia, Italy in 2008. From 2009 to 2015 he joined the University of Udine where he completed his training in General and Colorectal Surgery, gaining a diploma with honors and an MD in General Surgery.

Mr Leo has then moved to the UK and he has worked at St Mark’s from 2015 to 2018 as Specialist Registrar having a fellowship in Physiology and Neuromodulation. Here he had the opportunity to master his skills and to gain great knowledge on anorectal physiology.

In 2020 he has achieved a MD at Imperial College of London, discussing a thesis on the diagnosis and treatment of faecal incontinence and preserves a strong research interest in this field. He has published around 50 peer reviewed papers and one textbook chapter on pelvic floor and colorectal disorders. He has presented widely on these subjects at national and international meetings.

Since March 2020 he holds a substantive position as Consultant General and Colorectal Surgeon at Northwick Park supporting the pelvic floor unit at St Mark’s Hospital.

He is currently a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeon, a member of the ACGBI, ESCP and SICCR.


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