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THD® ProctoStation

  • THD® ProctoStation: integrated all-in-one modular platform
  • THD® ProctoStation: features and advantages

THD® ProctoStation: integrated all-in-one modular platform

THD® ProctoStation is an all-in-one platform which enables performing multiple anorectal examinations and electrosurgical treatments thanks to the dedicated software and the different modules available.

THD® Procto Software

The software incorporated in the THD® ProctoStation facilitates the user to carry out diagnostics examinations that would normally require more than one hospital visit for the patient. The THD® Procto Software has password protected user profiles for patient data safety but it also allows the patient to have multiple tests performed without having to re-enter data. Individual reports can be quickly generated for each test.

HRA module

The HRA Module represents a new approach to high resolution anoscopy.

The HRA Module allows the creation of high resolution videos and images of the anal canal and of the anorectal junction thanks to its high resolution video camera.

Furthermore, THD® Light-Scope Procto HRA, a single-use proctoscope with integrated LED light, eliminates the need for external light sources during procedures. The wide side window of the proctoscope ensures a comfortable and easy access to the anal canal for biopsies and surgical treatments using the AIN lesion treatment module

For further information on the features and advantages of the HRA Module, click here.

EAUS module

The practical and manageable THD® 360° ultrasound probe enables overcoming many of the limits of traditional endoanal probes. The EAUS Module allows to view the pelvic floor and the sphincter muscles and to accurately identify anatomical and functional anomalies.

For further information on the features and advantages of the THD® EAUS Probe, click here.

Anorectal Manometry module

THD® Anopress is a portable and compact device for performing clinical anorectal manometry. THD® Anopress is equipped with single-use Doppler probes and an LED screen for viewing and evaluating anal sphincter pressure and rectal sensitivity in real time.

For further information on the features and advantages of THD® Anopress, click here 

Module for the treatment of AIN lesions

The THD® ProctoStation is also equipped with a module for the electrosurgical treatment of anal intraepithelial lesions.

The AIN lesion treatment module includes a high-frequency desiccator, an electrosurgical unit, tips with different features and a smoke evacuator to treat a wide range of anal lesions safely and comfortably.

To find out more about the features and advantages of the Module for AIN lesion treatment, click here.


THD® ProctoStation: features and advantages

The THD® ProctoStation integrated modular platform offers exclusive features and advantages:

  • Ergonomics:
    • more ergonomic and comfortable posture for the operator.
  • Compact and versatile:
    • its compact footprint allows easy examinations and procedures even when space is at a premium.
    • it allows for performing exams with the patient in different positions (lateral decubitus, prone or dorsal lithotomy position) without the need to reposition the equipment.
    • motion detection video in high resolution and static image acquisition, without the use of additional digital video cameras required with other types of equipment.
  • Ready to use:
    • it does not require calibration of individual instruments.
    • it has no moving parts that need repairs or periodic maintenance.
  • Safe and reliable:
    • effective suction of fumes and fluids during procedures.
    • proctoscope and video camera integrally and uniquely connected with high quality and stability of the connection for a precise identification of the anatomical region viewed, without the need for variations in framing, angle and lighting.
    • the images of the anal canal remain centred and focused throughout the entire procedure.
  • Standardised:
    • it allows surgeons, assistants and observers to see and compare the same high quality images.
  • Cost-effective:
    • compact all-in-one modular platform which can be connected to various plug & play peripherals in order to execute numerous diagnostic and surgical procedures.
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