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THD® ProctoStation

  • THD® ProctoStation: all-in-one integrated modular platform

THD® ProctoStation: all-in-one integrated modular platform

THD® ProctoStation is an integrated platform that allows performing multiple anorectal exams and electrosurgical treatments using its different modules.

Anoscopy Module: THD® ProctoStation HRA

THD® ProctoStation HRA Module is a new approach to High-Resolution Anoscopy that allows overcoming most of the limits commonly associated with the use of a colposcope.

THD® ProctoStation HRA module provides high-resolution videos and image captures of the anal canal and of the anorectal junction thanks to an HD camera with a all-in-one touchscreen PC and dedicated software.

Furthermore, THD® Light-Scope Procto HRA, a disposable LED proctoscope with an in-built LED light, eliminates the need for external light sources during the procedure.

The wide lateral window of the THD® Light-Scope Procto HRA proctoscope ensures easy access to the anal canal for biopsies and surgical treatments performed with the AIN Treatment Module.

THD® ProctoStation with HRA module is suitable for both the outpatient and the OR setting.
To learn more about the features and benefits of THD® ProctoStation HRA module, click here.

Clinical Anorectal Manometry Module: THD® Anopress

THD® Anopress is a portable anorectal device for clinical anorectal manometry. THD® Anopress is equipped with dedicated single-use probes and a LED screen for real time display and assessment of anal sphincters’ pressure values as well as rectal sensitivity.

To learn more about the features and benefits of THD® Anopress, click here.

Electrosurgical Ablation: AIN Treatment module

THD® ProctoStation system is also equipped with an electrosurgical ablation module for the surgical treatment of AIN lesions.

It includes a high frequency desiccator, an electrosurgical unit, probes with different features and a smoke evacuator to treat a wide range of anal lesions in a safe and comfortable way.

To learn more about the features and benefits of the AIN Treatment module, click here.

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