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  • THD® anoscopes: indications
  • THD® anoscopes: features and advantages
  • THD® anoscopes: dimensions

THD® anoscopes: indications

THD offers a complete range of single-use anoscopes for the diagnosis and treatment of anorectal diseases.

THD® anoscopes are indicated for the diagnosis, treatment and post- operative management of numerous anorectal diseases, guaranteeing high standards of safety and comfort for the specialist and the patient.

In particular, THD® anoscopes are the ideal aid for the evaluation of all proctological disorders under direct vision.


THD® anoscopes: features and advantages

The THD® single-use anoscopes are designed to meet the different diagnostic and operational needs of specialists, offering multiple advantages:

  • versatility
  • high quality materials
  • high safety standards
  • manageable and easy to use
  • precision of use

All the features of the THD® diagnostic and operative anoscopes are designed to meet the needs of the specialist and the patient:

  • Atraumatic and ergonomic profile:
    • ease of introduction.
    • greater patient comfort.
  • Special design:
    • improved visibility of the area to be inspected.
  • Single-use and individually packed:
    • maximum safety and reduction of cross-contamination risks.
  • Connection with THD® Revolution optical fibre:
    • optimal visibility and illumination of the area inspected.
  • Ready to use:
    • elimination of sterilisation costs.
    • reduction in patient’s turnaround.
  • Available in different sizes and features:
    • versatility of use,
    • available in sterile and non-sterile versions,
    • available in two different lengths: 65 mm and 90 mm,
    • available in three different diameters: small, medium, maxi.
    • available with two tips: truncated and bevelled.
  • Handle with practical colour code:
    • easily distinguishable length and diameter.
  • High quality materials - medical grade polycarbonate:
    • high transparency and consequent better visibility.
    • shock-resistant thermoplastic material.
    • bright.
  • Practical gravity feed box:
    • ease of use.

THD® anoscopes: dimensions

THD® Small Anoscope

  • Length: 65 mm
  • Outer diameter: 15 mm

THD® Medium Anoscope

  • Length: 90 mm
  • Outer diameter: 22 mm

THD® Maxi Anoscope

  • Length: 90 mm
  • Outer diameter: 26 mm
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